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How to get the farmhouse look in your house?

October 4 2021

How to get the farmhouse look in your house?

A modern farmhouse look has become increasingly popular with people embracing this style for their homes, shops, offices and cafes. With its effortless look that makes the room bright and attractive, it’s no surprise that it’s been one of the most popular décor choices in recent years. This look evolved from the classic country style to the modern and chic makeover it has today. Farmhouse styled spaces usually boast wood, white and stripes.

How to get the farmhouse look in your house?

Cloudy Silver Wood Panel Wallpaper

Cloudy Silver Wood Panel Wallpaper

This wallpaper is easy to apply and gives a beautiful wooden look without the hassle. As this wallpaper comes in a range of colours you can always change the colour whenever you feel it needs a revamp. While this wallpaper has character, it is also simple and subdued so you can choose your furniture and other décor without fear of it clashing. With its versatility and attribute to uplift any room, it’s no surprise that the wood effect is currently, one of the most popular styles.

Ivory Stripes Wallpaper

By applying Ivory Stripes Wallpaper, you’re adding the chicness of a Hampton home with the warmth of a farmhouse. The soft colours and serenely waved lines are perfectly paired to introduce a calm, chic and contemporary look to your home, office or café. It can be used as a feature wall or as a background. It is also a style that will fit well in a bedroom and translate the calmness it invokes into the vibe of the room.

Neutral Plaid Wallpaper

When we think of a farmhouse and farm living, it’s hard to not to think of plaid along with the tradition, history and classic style which survived centuries. While most people who think of plaid, think of the overlapping perpendicular lines on clothes. It’s easy to forget this timeless style can be translated to other items. Plaid wallpaper is a great way to add a rustic yet modern feel to your home. With the soft colours, it can be paired with a variety of furnishings and decors to create your perfect space.

Modern White Brick Wallpaper

Another material that pops into mind as soon we are reminded of a farm is brick. The classic material that has been used in houses for millennia. A brick wall in a house instantly makes it look rustic and shrouded in tradition, with the right décor it can transport the room to a chic and modern style. Natural brick walls add great character to a room, however, when looking to create a farmhouse or Hampton style room there is nothing quite like white bricks to add that bright and fresh look