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How To Prepare And Choose Your Wallpaper

August 13 2021

To get started, decide on a style and theme for the room. Once you know this, choose furniture and a colour palette. This can be either furniture you already have and want to move it around or new furniture. You can use Pinterest boards and other online resources to get inspiration and choose a style that you like. Choose your wallpaper to match this style. Wallpaper takes up the biggest area and will have a big impact on the style of your room. You can choose a wallpaper based on its theme, colour or style. We have a range of wallpapers to fit whichever style you choose.

How To Prepare And Choose Your Wallpaper

We have partnered with Hire a Hubby to help you find a Luxe Approved Wallpaper Installer near you. But if you choose DIY, here is what to do before you install your wallpaper:

Make sure the wall you want to display this on is smooth, properly primed, painted and cured wallboard/gyprock that has little or no surface variation. This helps ensure it sticks on properly and is durable. Our installers recommend gloss or semi-gloss acrylic paints to prep your wall. Don’t forget to allow your paint to de-gas for a minimum of 10 days before applying the wallpaper.

Check your wall for cracks, holes and peeling paint. Not repairing damage can lead to poor wallpaper adhesion and possible damage when removing your wallpaper. It’s better to prepare and fix it before you apply the wallpaper than leave it as is and it may become worse.

Remember to remove any picture hooks – these can be returned after the wallpaper is hung. Anything that is obstructing the wallpaper from being properly applied to the wall must be removed while applying to ensure it covers a greater surface area and is applied evenly.

Ensure your wall is clean of lint, dust and dirt. Before applying your wallpaper, clean the wall with a damp cloth, you can wash it down or wipe it to take out all the dust and dirt. This helps the wallpaper to stick directly on the wall and not get on to the dust which could also cause it to look bumpy and uneven.

We hope these help you understand the ease of application with Luxe Walls and that you choose us for your next project. You can read more here.