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Immersive Wallpapers using Sceneries

January 21 2022

Covid has made us all stay inside, but we can experience the outdoors by bringing it indoors. It also helps your place look bigger and immediately transports your guests to an entirely different place. It would be on the beach, another city or a forest.

Immersive Wallpapers using Sceneries

Dutch Old World Map Wallpaper

This Dutch Old World Map Wallpaper adds a timeless and enriching touch to your home’s decor. This mural has a rainbow of colours and miniature artworks in the corners, as well as maps enclosed within circles in the centre. This design works well in a bedroom, as a feature wall, and as an at-home office or library.

Sunset Dolphin Wallpaper

This sunset dolphin backdrop will create a mysterious feel to your space. Highlighting the beautiful shape of a jumping dolphin encompassed by the warm shine of dusk, this backdrop will include warmth to your walls. The multi-faceted design of this backdrop means it can stand alone as a mural or be coordinated into an existing stylistic layout.

Dolomite Mountains Wallpaper

This Dolomite mountains wallpaper will add depth to your walls. With the majestic rocky mountains in the background offset by the greenery in the foreground, this wallpaper will create balance and harmony. By providing a unique view that will transform your space, this wallpaper can create a focal point in your living/entertaining area, add interest to an office space.

Costa Rica Forest Wallpaper

This tropical rainforest is guaranteed to be a head-turner and make a statement in any room, with its various colours and textures. It transports you into a forest. Showcase your individuality and feature this mural in your bedroom, office, or living room.

Creating a calming environment especially following the last years of lockdowns is so important. It’s good for vitality, since they help you start each day with a peaceful heart and a new perspective.