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Indigenous Wallpaper Designs

December 20 2021

Australia is rich in arts and culture and this has been reflected through the various indigenous peoples of Australia. With Aboriginal prints on your walls, you will be inspired by the deep meanings behind each cultural design as you lie down in your bed, relax and chill in your dining and lounge spaces, or work in your study room.

Indigenous Wallpaper Designs

Bugi Wallpaper

Bugi, which also means bark or layers, comes from Diramu (Tree). It naturally functions as covering or protection of the tree. As humans, we have been layered, covered, and peeled back just like Dimaru. And bugi or layers symbolize protection, healing, and survival in whatever the world throws at us.

Bugi design on your walls will inspire you to stay connected to loved ones, country and to culture and a reminder of overcoming hardships.

Wingara Wallpaper

In a world that is full of hurry and instants – instant noodles, fast food, and the like, to pause and to meditate are being overlooked. Because we are caught up in life’s many things such as kids, chaos, tension, and stress, we don’t have time to wingara or to think.

Wingara wallpaper motivates the action of talking through things in your mind which is truly powerful. To think through is beneficial and full of prudence. It is an opportunity to delay final decisions, take time to ponder and think things through. We should use it more often, it might do us all some good.

Pipi DjinaDjina Wallpaper

Wall designs also remind us to celebrate our culture and life experiences as individuals. Just like “Pipi Djina Djina ” that means Pipi Footprints. This artwork is a celebration of the childhood life and culture of a Birrbay woman.

Pipis were a main traditional food source for her people and were prepared traditionally at sea side by campfire, or as curried gravy and fritters. Pipi Djina Djina depicts the coastline where plenty of pipis were found and gathered by her family to collect during the summer months. The round circles represent the small tidal pools or foot holes left behind by their digging and twisting in the sand – their “Pipi Djina Djina”.

Water People Wallpaper – Grey

 To the people of the coast, the ocean is part of them and their relationship with the waves of the ocean can be portrayed with designs just like this, the circles in the Water People Wallpaper depicts people fishing being surrounded with rippled water lines. Adding this to your walls creates calmness and a relaxing atmosphere.