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November 23 2021

Our homes are an important space, it’s where we relax, eat, entertain and spend most of our time.
A home is a place of comfort. For many the style and décor of the home is used as a way to express personality and taste. You get to choose what your home looks and feels like but designing your home can be stressful, so we have compiled popular design ideas to help inspire you in this.


Rattan Rules

Our love for natural materials has only grown with designs evolving to suit people’s needs and desired looks. Voluptuous cane adjusted rattan and bowed bamboo are among the favourites.

This is a great look for those wanting a natural and clean design with a hint of style. It pairs great with colourful block wallpaper to add that extra pop or a marble look for a sophisticated style.

Do a Display

Create a trinket cabinet and exhibiting sculptural ‘artefacts’ from beautiful rocks, ceramics and pottery to take your living room to the next level. Combine found objects and materials with DIY objects to create an outstanding collection that you can proudly show-off.

By displaying a range of shapes and sizes you can form an interesting showcase all while maintaining a primitive and sleek palette. These displays look great on both simple wallpaper backdrops and pattered designs, depending on your adopted look for the room. Pair it with pastel colours for a nice minimalist look or a subtle pattered wallpaper to create beautiful contrast.

Go with Green

Green tones are quickly becoming one of the greatest kitchen patterns for 2021. Green tones have a wide ability to evoke a range of emotions and styles depending on the shade chosen. This can be enhanced by using textures and/or foliage around the space.

Green tones can be added through wallpaper, furniture or décor. Wallpapers create a backdrop and become the hero colour of the space, you can use it as your canvas and style the room to your liking.

Embrace Earthy Tones

Warm and neutral colours are always a popular choice and don’t go out of style, people love a pastel and minimal palette that reflects nature and land. A great way to introduce this theme into your space is through stone look wallpapers or earthy colours such as tans, oranges and browns.

This allows for you to be as creative with the décor and offers a versatile space that you can continue to change. For a more done up look, you can choose earthy toned wallpapers with patterns, the addition of a little detail allows for subtle style without overpowering other aspects of the room.