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Luxe Artist Spotlight – Robin Appasamy

February 22 2017

Robin Appasamy is a Contemporary Visual Artist who has enjoyed a lifetime of creating. Her original artwork can be found in private collections coast to coast. Robin’s work floats between semi-realism and contemporary abstraction.

Luxe Artist Spotlight – Robin Appasamy

Her mixed media work shows a passion for depth, texture, and movement. Through years of practice, Robin has crafted her own media that consists of sand, wax and acrylic pigments, creating true original works of art that sets herself apart from other artists.

Her landscape and waterscape influenced pieces stimulate the senses, and take you on a journey. Robin’s abstract pieces add texture and visual stimulation to any space.

Robin is based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. Therefore you will find tropical inspiration throughout all her collections. She is also motivated by interior design, world class architecture, and dramatic colour palettes.

We had a virtual coffee with Robin, as her artwork becomes available to Luxe customers in the form of striking removable wallpaper designs.

We spoke to Robin about her life and background, as well as well as her workspace, defining moments and dreams for the future…

Tell us about your artistic background?

My artistic background began with fine art that explored mixed media such as plaster, oils and acrylics.

I also focused on nude and still life images. My artistic nature lead me to exploring encaustics, which has been my main media for over the last 10 years.

I have also worked with Resin and was professionally trained by the legendary Tom Sachs’ patina artist Zack Baltzy in Phoenix.

Has there been a defining moment in your career so far? Tell us about it.

One of the most exciting moments in my career was when my husband surprised me and had my art teacher attend my Contemporary Art Show.

Larry Burdeny is an Art Professor at the University Of Manitoba. He walked around the room and told guests that the student had surpassed the teacher!!! Blew my mind!

What’s your workspace like? Is there something about that particular interior that nurtures your creativity?

My home studio has raw concrete floors that have layers and layers of wax, sand and paints everywhere.

My floor actually looks like art! I have pictures of my beautiful boys, husband and pup to keep me motivated.

Since moving to Hawaii, I find myself often taking my work to the beach! Since I incorporate sand in my artwork, it only makes sense to create in that setting.

Where can you see your pieces in people’s homes?

I can see my work everywhere. Whatever space I enter I immediately envision my art on the walls.

I am so honoured that all of my clients to date have either placed their purchased work in the foyer so its front and centre in their homes/businesses or they have designed their spaces around my work giving the art predominant space.

What’s next for you? What are your plans for your art in the near future?

The sky’s the limit! I’m embracing collaborations such as the latest one with Luxe Walls and I have a labelling contract with a natural beauty line.

I am planning on expanding my brand throughout Europe this summer, and I hope to have a show in Hawaii before the year ends. Expect to see my greatest work!


Luxe Walls would like to thank Robin for sharing her insights.

If you’re interested in viewing our exclusive collection of Robin’s designs, click here.