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Bedroom wallpaper with gold dots on a white background

New Christmas Decor Trends From Luxe Walls Wallpaper for This Holiday Season

December 9 2020

The festive season is in full swing! Fairy lights have been detangled and draped, Christmas trees have been decorated & carols (or Mariah Carey songs) can be heard in every supermarket. If you have not already gotten into the Christmas spirit, not to worry. You still have time to transform your home into a merry & magical wonderland with some Christmas decor! And the best part? It could not be more easy with removable DIY peel and stick wallpaper. 

New Christmas Decor Trends From Luxe Walls Wallpaper for This Holiday Season

Whether it is installed onto a wall, a room divider or even for a picture frame, removable wallpaper is a fantastic way to add a particular mood, atmosphere or theme into your interior. 

Here are some of our favourite 2020 Christmas wallpaper trends for this holiday season: 

Is that snow?

Christmas down under offers the beach, BBQ’s and long sunny days! The concept of snow, hot chocolate & snuggling up on the couch is simply not possible or imaginable. That doesn’t mean you can’t create the magical atmosphere associated with a classic white Christmas. Add a snowy feature wall that will instantly set the Christmas mood! 

One such example is Central Park Wallpaper. It will transport you to magical Christmas scenes reminiscent of your favourite cinematic moments. Add romance, luxury & glamour with this familiar favourite.  

Central Park Wallpaper

If you were thinking of something a little more abstract or contemporary, Snowflakes wallpaper might just be what you are after. This will bring a winter feel to your interior which will make your Christmas decor really pop. 

Snow Flakes Wallpaper

The Ultimate Christmas tree

Take your Christmas tree to a whole new level with one of our forest wallpaper designs. From the skirtings to the ceiling, your Christmas tree will be like no other. Pair with some fairy lights and you will create a magical ambience for gift opening and connecting with loved ones. 

You will be able to feel the crisp fresh winter breeze with Snow Covered Tree wallpaper on your walls. The delicate branches and light colour palette will bring an overall softness to the room, you will think you are on a snowy plain. 

Snow Covered tree

For something a little more abstract & Scandi, Pine Forest Horizon is the perfect choice. This design will add a lighthearted & neutral feel along with a Christmas feel that is not over powering & perfect for year round enjoyment. Sit amongst the a forest of Christmas trees in your sitting room, guestroom or entranceway.

Pine Forest Wallpaper 

The spirit of Christmas

The classic red, white & green colour palettes that scream Christmas decor don’t have to stop at tree ornaments or serviettes. If you are looking for a more subtle or abstract Christmas atmosphere, one of our traditional pattern wallpapers will adorn your walls like decorations on a tree. Detained patterns add a delicate touch to your walls while the colour palette will add an undeniable Christmas tone. 

Elegant Vintage Wallpaper 

This detailed design features the classic green and white tones we know all too well over the festive season. The geometric elements of this design will add an elaborate design feature to your walls 

Patterned Green Leaves 

Going gold 

There is no denying that the glamour of gold adds a magical atmosphere to any Christmas decor. Rather than tinsel or garlands, why not a little gold on a feature wall?

Gold Chevron looks like it was made for Christmas. The seamless zig-zag pattern will look like little celebratory streamers on your wall. This bold and popular pattern will certainly make your interior pop and create a festive atmosphere.

Similar to Gold Chevron, Gold On White Dots Wallpaper will add a trendy and festive motif to your interior. Like golden fairy lights or ornaments, this wallpaper will take your decorations to a whole new level. 

Gold Chevron Wallpaper

Gold On White Dots Wallpaper