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Removable Wallpaper: 9 Alternative Ways To Use It

January 9 2017

Removable Wallpaper: 9 Alternative Ways To Use It

You can never get too creative when it comes to removable wallpaper, after all, the endless options and ease-of-use are a massive part of its appeal!

However, many people think that the creativity stops at the choice of print and texture Wallpaper is just for the wall, right?

Wrong! Wall coverings can be used for a range of different purposes and decor ideas throughout your home. The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

In the raging age of DIY, there are tonnes of ideas out there to inspire your creativity and renovation goals, particularly when it comes to removable wallpaper.

With wall decor that’s easy to apply and remove, you’d be silly not to take advantage of the versatility and affordability wall decals offer your entire home.

It can be used to accent numerous pieces of furniture, small spaces and more with pops of colour, patterns, and style.

Want to know more? Let’s have a look at 9 alternative ways to use your removable wallpaper, as suggested by our talented in-house stylists…

1. Wallpaper your doors

Whether it’s a pop of vibrant colour, a bold print or an understated, elegant design, wallpapering doors throughout your home can add a stylish aesthetic throughout your interiors.

You might like to tie-in your wallpapered doors with the artwork in a particular room, to add a sense of cohesion throughout your home, or to simply add a splash of style to a space.

This choice is a particular favourite for kid’s rooms and ensuite bathrooms.

Remember – the door must have a flat, smooth surface for the wall covering to be applied adequately.

2. Spruce up your cupboards

You know the boring backboard of cupboards and bookshelves? They’re basically a blank canvas calling out to be covered with a trendy print or moody hue.

This technique is particularly suitable for those who love their spaces neutral, but are concerned about their interiors being bland.

It’s a low-risk, high-reward option, and incredibly affordable as well.

Simply apply the wallpaper to the back of your cupboard or shelf before you fully assemble and install it.

Our stylists love this option for jazzing up boring bookshelves and display cupboards.

3. Create a focal point with wallpaper

Similar to using wallpaper to create a feature wall, this options suggests using it to create a ‘focal point’ in a room, something that draws the eye into a specific design displayed in a prominent spot.

One of the most popular options is wrapping your wallpaper around an existing fireplace, making the shape pop right out of the wall. Those without an actual fireplace often opt for cutting their wallpaper into the shape of a fireplace, and featuring it that way.

Displaying this in a prominent position in a room is immediately eye-catching, and has the same effect as a feature wall, without being overwhelming.

Of course, the idea isn’t limited to fireplaces. You can choose whatever shape and whatever focal point you think suits your chosen room.

4. Jazz up your ceiling

Another alternative way to use removable wall coverings is to apply them to your ceiling. We know, it sounds a little wacky at first, but hear us out…

While many people instantly think of ‘out there’ patterns and colours when it comes to wallpaper, home decorators often forget about one amazing element in their arsenal: texture.
You don’t have to got nuts with colour on your ceiling if that’s not your style, but wallpaper can also add texture to an otherwise lifeless space. While still opting for white or a neutral hue, you can embellish any interior with a sense of depth by using textured wallpaper on the ceiling.

Feeling a little more daring? It may be time to branch out with your use of colours and prints. For example, black wallpaper can add an element of drama to a space, while world map wallpaper can mirror the adventurer within.

Remember that the right choice can open a space up just as much as white can.

5. Style your bedhead

Here’s another option that’s become increasingly popular in recent times – using removable wall art as a bedhead alternative.

Similar to adding a focal point or feature wall, using wall coverings to create a bedhead look is a great idea for sprucing up your boudoir.

This option is ideal for those who have the base and mattress combination, who are looking to add some much-needed affordable style to their bedroom.

Have a think about what mood or tone you want to set in this space. There are hundreds of options in terms of pattern, design and colour, as well as numerous templates for you to use.

In terms of the shape of the wallpaper bedhead, it’s completely up to you. Some people opt for a simple rectangular bedhead design, while others have fun with more complex shapes.

6. Wall coverings as art

One of the alternative decor ideas we absolutely love is using wall coverings as art in your home.

You may have leftovers from a previous renovation, or perhaps you just really loved a print but didn’t know what to do with it? We’ve got the perfect solution to both.

A great way of using wallpaper without going nuts on an entire wall is to use it as ART.

Look around the room. Is there a blank spot on the wall that’s in dire need of some artwork?

Cut your wall covering to the desired size and choose the perfect spot to display it. The final step is finding a stylish frame to showcase your print inside.

Our stylists love the concept of hanging a selection of three frames side-by-side for optimal impact.

This technique is also a fantastic way to add cohesion throughout your home. If you use the same wall coverings in one room on a feature wall, try using it as artwork in the next. This creates a visual thread from room to room.

7. Cover your floating shelves

Floating shelves have become a massively popular trend in the design space in recent years. Floating shelves are sleek, minimalistic and yet still practical.

However, home renovators often don’t see them for the opportunity that they are!

Why have a plain and simple shelf, when you can jazz it up with wall art?

As with many of these alternative uses, covering your floating shelves is all about creating accents of colour, pattern and texture throughout your home.

You may like to use this opportunity to visually link one room to another.

8. Add a coffee table accent

A fun little DIY project for the weekend could be jazzing up an old (or new) coffee table. Have you had the same one for the last ten years? Or were you on a budget when you bought that plain option from the likes of IKEA?

We’ve got an easy solution to adding a splash of style without the price tag: wallpaper! That’s right, hit refresh on your old coffee table by applying wall art to its surface. This could be the tabletop (covered with a simple piece of glass), or it could be the sides, if practical.

Adding a wall covering to your coffee table adds that much sought after attention to detail and style.

9. Wallpaper your wardrobe

Are you one of those lucky people who have a walk-in-wardrobe? Check. Are you just dying for the opportunity to reinvent it? Check.
Here’s where those leftover wall mural scraps can come in handy. Just because your walk-in-robe isn’t on display to the whole world, is no reason for it to go without style.

Wallpapering your wardrobe can add a sense of glamour and luxury to what can otherwise be a bland space.

Make sure your choice of wall covering matches you and your personal style.


What did we tell you? Wallpaper isn’t just for walls. Removable wall art can be used for an array of alternative uses and purposes. It’s perfect for thinking outside the box.

Have you used wallpaper on something other than your walls? Tell us about your DIY experiences in the comments below!