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Six Wallpapers to Elevate Your Dining Room

June 11 2021

Whether you have a formal dining area, or your dining room and kitchen are one-and-the-same, zoning the space with the perfect wallpaper is a great way to make it feel intimate, unique and, most importantly, yours. After all, this is the room where you spend quality time connecting with friends and family over delicious food and drink. It should be a warm and welcoming extension of yourself! 

Wallpaper is the easiest and most cost-effective way of revamping your dining room, and at Luxe Walls, we have plenty of options for you to get creative with. You’re sure to find the pattern that works for you! However, having this much choice can be a bit overwhelming, so here are a few tips and tricks when choosing wallpaper for your dining room. 

A Quick Guide to Choosing Wallpaper for your Dining Room

Colour Story

Keep the colour story cohesive throughout the room, and your whole house if that’s the vibe you’re going for, by coordinating your wallpaper with existing decor and furniture. 

Respect the Aesthetic

Only you know the feel and theme you’re trying to create in your space. Keep this at the forefront of your mind when looking at wallpapers. Consider how the prints will interact with other elements in your scheme. 

A Sacred Space

Dining areas serve a very specific and very limited function. It’s essential to keep this in mind when choosing patterns – anything too loud might put guests right off their food, but anything too dull is unstimulating and unengaging. Only you can draw those lines for yourself and your guests.

Form and Function

How are you going to use your wallpaper? Choosing wallpaper for a feature wall versus wallpaper that will cover the whole room is a very different process. A feature wall is a focal point for the eye. It usually stands out in some way, whether through prints, graphics or colours. Wallpaper that covers a whole room is more coherent with your overall scheme, whether that is over-the-top botanicals or muted neutrals.  

Six Wallpapers to Elevate Your Dining Space

Whimsical Garden Party

Bring the outdoors in, add a dash of whimsy, and you’re all set for a lighthearted yet sophisticated dining experience. Our gorgeous Lady in Blue print combines muted soft tones with beautiful graphics and bright accents. 

Ethereal Earth 

The soft earthy neutrals of our Abstract Watercolour print provide the perfect combination of dynamism and subtlety. This wallpaper is spirited without being overpowering and understated without being boring, resulting in a classic and stimulating dining experience. 

Feed the Birds

This bold contemporary print creates motion as it draws the eye along the space, yet it doesn’t overpower the room. Our Birds in Flight wallpaper is simple yet unusual, and it’s sure to be an ice-breaker over dinner. 

Pretty Pastels

The perfect combination of colour and subtlety, our Colourful Brush Stroke print will liven up your dining area without taking attention from the food and company. Zesty, understated pastels bring a sense of warmth and welcome to the room, helping everyone feel comfortable, relaxed, and well looked after. 

Texture in Teal

Plain without being boring, our teal Textured Paper print is classic, sophisticated, and easy to integrate into a scheme. The texture and gorgeous colour create depth and interest, but they don’t overpower the decor. The soothing tone is perfect for unwinding in good company.

Circle of Life

The earth tones in our Dots and Circles wallpaper are easy to integrate into most schemes. Furthermore, the graphic yet understated pattern can either be a focal point to a pared-back decor, or the backdrop to a more vibrant design. All in all, this fun print is perfect for bringing people together around delicious food.