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Top 5 Kids Wallpapers To Revamp Your Child’s Room

January 2 2017

When people think of wallpaper, it’s not kids wallpaper that comes immediately to mind. A child’s bedroom is often a forgotten opportunity when it comes to interior design and re-decorating. But like any other space in your home, your child’s bedroom is a blank canvas, ready to express your child’s interests, style and personality.

Many parents worry that, like their shoes and clothes, their child will outgrow their chosen wall covering – Transformers one minute, Spiderman the next, Peppa Pig one week, Elsa and Olaf the next…

Herein lies the beauty of removable wallpaper. With a DIY installation process, and self-adhesive, removable backing, you can change your design as often as you like. Making it perfect for keeping up with the latest characters, movies and children’s crazes, alternatively, you can opt for a more timeless option.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular kids wallpapers on the market at the moment…

Graffiti wallpaper

We can hear parents all around the world groaning in horror at this one. But! When it’s done right, graffiti can actually be a modern and refreshing addition to any space. Think of it more as an abstract art form, that you can tailor to suit a particular colour scheme or room design.

When it comes to graffiti, we recommend containing the mural to one feature wall, and using neutral colours on the opposing walls. This way, the graffiti art can take centre stage, without overwhelming the rest of the room.

Top 5 Kids Wallpapers To Revamp Your Child’s Room

Pink wallpaper

The kind of wall covering that comes to mind when people say pink is an outrageous hot pink or fluro pink that hurts the eyes. Many people forget that pink can be done in incredibly tasteful ways, and can add new life to any interior.

While we often associate pink with romance, femininity, fairy floors and bubble gum, the psychology behind this popular colour embodies ideas of nurturing, understanding and kindness.

We’re not just talking about sweet and spice and all things nice, there are many different hues and shades that can suit a child’s room, of any gender. Whether you want to go bright and loud, or understated and soothing, pink can be an elegant but child-friendly option for your kid’s room.

World map wallpaper

Wanderlust and curiosity about the world can start at a young age, and there’s nothing more adventurous than adding a worldly map element to your child’s room. World map wall murals have become increasingly popular in recent years, it’s no wonder why! The educational value alone is fantastic, but what’s more is that they create an inspiring environment for children to start forming their own ideas and travel dreams.

There are so many styling options to consider when it comes to maps and wall art. You can opt for a map that only uses shades of a single, primary colour and clean design, alternatively, you can choose a more ‘oversized’ design.

The options are absolutely endless, and with vintage, monochrome and floor-to-ceiling designs on the menu, you might find that world maps aren’t just for the little ones.

Custom wallpaper

With all the advances in new printing technology and the options to tailor your wall coverings to suit whatever need, the options for revamping your kids’ rooms are boundless. With custom wallpaper, you can upload your own photos and images and create wall art to breathe new life into your child’s room.

From family photo collages and favourite holiday destinations, to illustrations and different textures, the only limit here is your (and your child’s) imagination.

Some of our favourite custom made ideas are:

  • Brick wallpaper (think Diagon Alley in Harry Potter)
  • Floral wall coverings (perhaps inspired by The Secret Garden or Alice In Wonderland)
  • Cars Cars Cars (don’t we all know someone obsessed with the latest engine?)

Mural wallpaper

Now things can get really imaginative! Transform your kid’s room into the space of their dreams by adding a mural design to their walls. A mural can be a painting, illustration, photograph or other work of art that spans the length of an entire wall, or even wraps around all the walls in the room.

Murals are a wonderful option for creating a haven or paradise for your child, helping to nurture and feed their creativity by immersing them in their interests and passions.

Our favourites include: great sporting moments, rain forest wallpaper, castles and palaces, vibrant destinations like the mountains or crystal blue ocean waters, friendly animals and nature scenes.

As you can no doubt see, you can go absolutely nuts with your creativity and design in your kids’ rooms, or you can opt to keep it a tad more timeless, it’s completely up to you. The point is, it’s easy and affordable to ensure your child’s room is a happy space for them, and encourages their imagination and development.

Wall art is such a great option for parents who want to see some colour and design in their child’s room, but fear those transitional stages and fleeting trends.

Self-adhesive, removable wall coverings allow you to revamp and reinvent your kids’ rooms, without the permanency, and without the high price point.

What are your favourite kids wallpaper ideas? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.