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Wallpaper for the Hallway: A Bright and Bold Opportunity

July 16 2020

Hallways are often a neglected and forgotten feature when it comes to interior decorating. Multifunctional, awkward spaces, they become unceremonious dumping grounds for shoes, coats and the worries of the day, before we shake it all off and move on into the kitchen or living room. We forget that we can make our hallways work for us! 

Although this is frequently overlooked, hallways are rooms, not just spaces we move through. Not only this, but they’re also the first rooms homeowners and guests see! They set the tone for the rest of the interior. Hallways mark that transition from the outside world into a space that is purely ours, introducing the personality of the home. As such, your hallway should be an assertive statement of your style, not a restrained area you awkwardly shuffle through to get somewhere else. 

More importantly, your hallway should be the place where you breathe that first sigh of relief when you return home and know: you have arrived. 

We have some great ideas to make your hallway work for you, and all you need is some quick-and-easy peel-and-stick wallpaper! So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Wallpaper for the Hallway: Step Boldly

Hallways are often smaller spaces than other rooms. This makes them the perfect opportunity for some bold decorating! You can afford to choose those braver, louder colours or prints that might become suffocating in an ample space. So be not afraid! Express yourself fearlessly and ‘wow’ yourself, and your guests, every time you come home.  

If you’re drawn to bold patterns but don’t want to make too much of a splash, monochromatic prints are the ideal way to go. They inject a strong sense of personality into the room but are easy to work with. They tend to be less domineering than more colourful choices. 

Play to Your Space

Hallways are often awkward to deal with. Long and narrow ‘tunnel spaces.’ Cavernous, cold rooms with impossibly high ceilings. Small and cramped areas that could barely be considered ‘rooms.’ Luckily, playing with different scales, colours, and directions can make your hallway feel like the kind of space you’re comfortable with.

For long tunnel-hallways that feel like you might never see the light, choose strong warm colours. They make length seem shorter, and even make adjoining rooms feel brighter and more spacious. In overly spacious areas, large-scale, uncluttered designs in strong colours bring the walls and ceiling in just a little, making hallways feel cosy and personal as well as bold and daring. 

Open up smaller spaces with small-scale designs in light, muted and cool colours. More refreshing colour schemes also make short hallways feel longer. 

The direction of any pattern is also crucial when manipulating space. Vertical designs balance out lower ceilings, while horizontal designs can stretch the wall space. 

Mix n’ Match

A great way to really draw people into your home is to combine simple texture with patterns. Use a plain textured wallpaper on three walls and a bold patterned print on the fourth to create a sense of dimension and movement. 

Different Dimensions

Speaking of dimension, graphic and geometric prints give a hallway some much-needed depth and personality. Visually intriguing, these wallpapers distract the eye from issues of space or light and make a room feel both larger and cosier. 

Reach for the Stars

If you enjoy surprising, out-of-the-box decor schemes, why not take your hallway a step further and wallpaper the ceiling? With the right colours and prints, this strategy can make low ceilings feel high or high ceilings feel lower, all with a touch of whimsy and personality.