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Wallpapers for your business

December 20 2021

Decorating an office can have a number of restrictions. How the atmosphere will feel to your employees and clients as well as showcasing your brand accurately are two of the most important things to consider. The way your office is designed can directly affect your productivity as well as your employees. Choosing the right look is key when designing an office space and can help boost your focus on your day-to-day tasks and embody your overall branding.

Paradise Palms Wallpaper – Neutral

The summer all-year vibe of your office can be very relaxing. With Stacey Bigg’s Paradise Palms Wallpaper, your office space will have a tropical summer beach touch, perfect for a warm, breezing atmosphere even while at work. This would also be perfect if you will be working from a small office at home. This wall design suits a variety of industries and showcases a professional image.

Tropical Atmosphere Wallpaper

Not only does wallpaper set the entire tone of the room, it also affects our mood, which can then affect productivity. Botanical and floral prints just like this original design by Francisca Reyes.

This wallpaper featuring tropical vegetation with an inquisitive bird-of-paradise can create a soothing atmosphere and  make it feel like summer all year long. Bold, bright colors like orange and yellow are believed to inspire creativity while green tends to keep the mind fresh and alert and can work as an energizer when you’re ready to call it quits.

Wallpapers for your business

Palm Illustration Wallpaper

While color choice has a bigger psychological role in affecting overall productivity, pattern choice can dictate the difference between marking off all your to-dos or just a few. Botanical prints just like this palm graphic wallpaper can create a comfortable and fresh air in your office. Its delicate tones and linework create vibrancy and give a wonderful tropical vibe.

Fresh Pineapple Wallpaper

This new pineapple backdrop is a dynamic and colourful way to form a tropical vibe in your space. The calculated pineapples create a sense of accuracy and the bright colours exude an energetic feel. Perfect to create an engaging or unwinding space, this vibrant wallpaper is without a doubt going to enhance your office.