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Wallpapers that create a calm and peaceful bedroom

October 4 2021

We live in a fast paced and stressful world which can sometimes make it hard to switch off. The bedroom is one of the few places left where you can relax and take a break from the bustle outside. There are a couple of things you can do to aid with making the room calm, serene and tranquil but none is as effective as wallpaper. The walls take up the most space in a room and the design you choose to boast on it, heavily impacts the style and feel of your room. Calming wallpapers can help create a space for you to get the rest you need!

Sand Geometric Scales Wallpaper

Patterns are known to evoke a calm feel which makes geometric designs a great option for the bedroom. This is a traditional Japanese design that uses its soft colour and subtle lines that transfer to the room. The illusion of sand on a beach, introduces freshness and will remind you of a beautiful beach or of a relaxing Japanese home on a beautiful hill surrounded by greenery – let your mind run wild.

Green Leaf Wallpaper

Ever felt like having a nice nap in the beautiful calming outdoors. Imagine the lush greenery, soft rays of sun that reflect on the dew, soft sounds of ruffling leaves and the fresh crisp smell of the earth makes up for a great sleep environment. You can bring this into your room by adding some green leafy wallpaper (and pair it with a candle and white noise) and let your imagination do the rest.

Wallpapers that create a calm and peaceful bedroom

Off-white Autumn Flowers Wallpaper

These off-white autumn flowers add a fresh and tranquil feel to your room. The soft autumn colours are a reminder of the cosiness brought by pumpkin spices huddled up near the fire. The subtle off-white background adds an element of freshness and brightness while also creating a great contrast for the autumn flowers to stand out.

Off-white Autumn Flowers Wallpaper

Another scene that comes to mind when thinking of sleep and calmness is the beautiful night sky, which you can bring into your room with this wallpaper that proudly showcases the glistening and flickering stars of space. The dark theme also helps you wind down and get ready to sleep. The black colour adds versatility for you to add décor to your room with the opportunity to change the space up in the day. It is a lovely background to add pops of colour, maintain the black and white theme or create a contemporary space.