Luxe Walls’ custom wallpaper for your home – the easy way to redecorate your interiors.

Luxe Walls is known as the new leader in wallpaper – perfect for both home owners and renters alike.

We offer thousands of high quality images that can be printed on wallpaper and transform your home. Whether you are looking for a total makeover, a small décor improvement or just want to add an accent to your space, Luxe Walls can help you achieve your goals. You can even personalise your wallpaper – upload your own image or better still create a collage of your favourite snaps.

In four easy steps Luxe Walls can help you can create your own custom wallpaper:

  • Choose your image from a library of millions – or upload your own favourite photograph.
  • Measure your wall.
  • Order your wallpaper.
  • Install with the easy peel and stick backing wallpaper.

Luxe Walls offer the highest quality materials to fit any budget and any decorating needs. Luxe Walls’ custom wallpaper is the perfect solution for home renovation. Removable and re-usable, our self-adhesive woven wallpaper has a lightly textured surface. The low tack adhesive allows it to be reapplied countless times without damaging walls – You can even save it for later use. Not wanting to wallpaper a complete room – choose a feature wall and add a mural.

Renters no longer need to look at blank walls. By adding Luxe Walls’ wallpaper you can immediately transform your new house to your new home. With Luxe Walls’ wallpaper being removable and not damaging to walls, landlords no longer need to fear. Personalise your wallpaper and create your own unique space!

Create a new ambience in just minutes, with easy installation.
Luxe Canvas is Removable without damaging your walls. Perfect for renters.
Peel and stick – no mess , with no glue or paste required.
Personalise your wallpaper – upload your own image.